Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator
Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator

Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator

Gather resources, improve your nest, make an army, raid other player's colonies.

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Name Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator
Publisher Ariel-Games
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Version 0.0855
Update Nov 8, 2023
MOD Unlimited money & gems
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Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator is the most famous version in the Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator series of publisher Ariel-Games
Mod Version 0.0855
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Pocket Ants Mod APK 0.0855 (Unlimited money & gems)

Ants are ubiquitous in nature and can be both intriguing and irksome at the same time. When they’re not bothersome, they teach us a lot of practical knowledge and abilities that we can apply to our daily lives. Playing an ant simulation is therefore the greatest thing you can do right now if you love ants. In the simulation game Pocket Ants, you can establish an ant colony from the ground up. Today, make every effort to expand your colony by building, feeding, and raiding!

You are in charge of the development of your ant colony in this Ariel Software game. You must locate different food sources nearby after building a food processing chamber. After that, you can finish a number of the day’s missions, such raising ants and creating leaf storages, among many more. There are plenty of enemy ants here that will try to kill you, but you can protect them! To obtain resources and goods, you can also raid the colonies of other people.

Establish an Ant Colony

One of the few animals that still exists in the earth today is the ant. They appear to be multiplying rapidly, therefore it’s doubtful that they will face extinction in the near future. Other than that, though, they’re amazing animals that are far more versatile than you may imagine! Building an ant colony is a difficult task, and Pocket Ants will teach you everything you need to know. Here, you’ll oversee your own ant colony and learn all there is to know about constructing one.

You must gather a variety of materials, including food, animals, and many more, to build your nest in this simulation. After that, you’ll need to make improvements to your nest by adding more chambers with distinct purposes. In addition, you must feed your queen in order for her to procreate and produce a large number of worker and soldier ants. This is to help you become self-sufficient and defend yourself from innumerable adversaries. Afterwards, you can also take down and seize more monsters to enlist them in your army.

Today, defeat numerous red ants and other adversaries to gain additional things!

The Best Parts About Pocket Ants

These days, ants are among the most amazing creatures. Have fun creating an ant colony in Pocket Ants right now.

Construct an Ant Colony Yourself: Contrary to popular belief, ant knowledge makes it difficult to establish a colony. This is because, above all things, you must prioritize the general survival of your colony. This implies that you will have to build their nest, raise the queen, and locate an abundance of resources and food for them. This is a difficult undertaking best left to ants’ enthusiasts. You can enjoy creating an ant colony yourself in Pocket Ants and following its development.

Here, in order to get different rewards, you’ll need to finish different quests. You must construct several chambers within the nest in the early going before locating food. You can gather a variety of food sources nowadays, such as leaves, mushrooms, almonds, and insect legs. Additionally, by giving the queen constant food and all the supplies she needs, you can increase the number of ants that breed. You will discover a great deal about the construction of an ant colony by playing this game.

Whole Quests: Ants engage in a wide range of activities in real life. You won’t get lost because the game allows you to complete objectives every day. These are actions that you can take immediately to increase your chances of reward quickly. This entails constructing various objects, tending to the queen, and obtaining the greatest number of resources. All of the quests are currently shown on the screen under the Quest tab.

It will be simple for you to claim your rewards once you have finished the objectives. Get as many awards as you can by completing as many quests each day.

Build Your Army: Your army ants are among the most important things you’ll need to keep an eye on. To defend your colony and its resources, you’ll need to assemble an army of soldier ants. To defeat other creatures as well, you must raise as many soldier ants as you can.

Create Your Workers: The worker ants are in charge of bringing food and other supplies from outside the nest to the nest. To ensure that you have an abundant supply of food for several days, you should also breed as many of them as you can. Then, you have the option to enhance them!

Upgrade Your Nest: The interior of the nest will require the construction of numerous rooms. After that, you can improve each one separately to boost its capacity and open up new ant species.

Raid Other Colonies: In order to obtain resources, you can now raid other ant colonies. Now join or form a clan!

Get the Pocket Ants Mod APK to get infinite cash and gems.

Who says it’s dull to start an ant colony? Enjoy every step of the Pocket Ants procedure and win endless cash.


* Gather resources and bring them back to your nest
* Improve your nest chambers for extra bonuses
* Feed your queen ant and breed worker and soldier ants.
* Defeat and capture other creatures and make them join your army.
* Collect all the creatures and make them stronger
* Raid other player’s colonies for resources and bonus items.
* Defend resources from enemy ants.
* Defeat the red ants colony every day for extra items.
* Recruit other players to join your clan.


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Pocket Ants Mod APK 0.0855 (Unlimited money & gems)

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