Virtual Families 3
Virtual Families 3

Virtual Families 3

There is a world in your computer. Adopt a little person and start a family!

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4.6 ( 686 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Virtual Families 3
Publisher Last Day of Work LLC
Genre Games
Version 2.1.10
Update Jun 27, 2023
MOD Unlimited money
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Virtual Families 3 is the most famous version in the Virtual Families 3 series of publisher Last Day of Work LLC
Mod Version 2.1.10

The follow-up to the wildly popular smartphone game “Virtual Families 2” is now available!

This game is a follow-up to Virtual Families 2, one of Last Day of Work, LLC’s most well-liked life simulation games. In the updated version, you’ll adopt a child from a family of your choice and assist them in becoming an adult.

You must make sure they are fed properly, have a place to reside, and are generally content with their life. Additionally, you will be in charge of their career and education, and you should provide them with the finest chances.

You will keep playing the game because it is so compelling and addictive. It is also quite difficult, and you have to make the most of all your abilities to make sure your family is successful.

The Gameplay Is Extremely Realistic

Since the game is realistic, you must utilize all of your practical knowledge to keep your family content. Since you must provide adequate finances for your family to live comfortably, it puts a test on your ability to manage and plan.

Along with balancing their career and family lives, you also need to make sure kids receive the greatest education available. The game is extremely difficult, but it’s also enjoyable.

You adopt a baby from a family of your choosing at the beginning of the game. You must assist them in developing into adults. When they reach adulthood, you should assist them in selecting a spouse and establishing their own family.

When they have their own children, you will need to assist them in taking care of their family. Your family will be stable and wealthy for generations as a result.

Additionally, you should make sure that your family members are content with their work-life balance and assist them in getting jobs and promotions. The game is educational, and you may follow the development of your family through time.

Create a Lovely House for Your Family

You have to plan and construct a cozy home for your family in this game. The flooring, wallpaper, furniture, and even the paint colors are all up to you.

You must make sure your house is both aesthetically beautiful and safe. Keep in mind that your family is expanding as well!

As a result, your house needs to be expanded to make a place for bedrooms, a garden, a playground, and other necessities. You may even include a home theater to keep them entertained! Your family will remain content and happy as a result.

Teach Your Children

To develop into well-rounded adults, your children will need your assistance. The best instruction must be provided, and you must assist them in acquiring vital life skills.

They will be able to hone their abilities and talents as a result. When kids reach adulthood, you should assist them in selecting a job path and give them all the resources they need to be successful.

You can also urge kids to use their abilities in the actual world so they can support the family financially. They will be able to establish themselves and earn useful experience as a result of this.

Give them career advice!

One of the hardest stages in life is choosing a career. You must make sure your kids are well-informed about their options and make the best decisions they can.

You can assist them by giving them information on various professions and assisting them in weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each choice. You should also assist them with locating mentors and internship possibilities.

You should also encourage them to consider all of their options and choose wisely. The objective is to assist them in locating a profession that they are excited about and will enable them to achieve in life.

Invest in Your Family

You can make your family’s lifestyle better using the in-game upgrade option. This feature enables you to upgrade your home, get new furniture, and even purchase a car.

These upgrades may be bought with in-game currency, and you’ll be able to tell a difference in your family’s happiness after you do. You may also utilize this option to purchase new appliances and furniture for your house.

As an alternative, you can purchase these improvements through in-app purchases ($0.99 – $99.99 per item). Note that none of these in-app purchases are required. Without these, you can still advance throughout the game.

High Unpredictability of the Gameplay

Because the action is so unpredictable, this game has a high replayability value. You must respond appropriately to the various events that the game randomly generates.

For instance, your child could become ill or a member of your family could lose their work. You must be ready for these occurrences and have a strategy in place to handle them.

The game also has various seasons, and each season introduces new difficulties. Stocking up on food and supplies is necessary if you want to be ready for the winter.

High-Resolution Graphics

The realistic graphics in this game give you the impression that you are actually playing it. Your family members’ appearances alter as they get older, and you can see it.

You can also see the many rooms in your house thanks to the extremely accurate graphics. The game also includes various weather conditions, and the changing seasons are seen.

Download Virtual Families 3 MOD APK

The Virtual Families 3 MOD APK for Android is a no-cost application that gives players access to premium features. These are its advantages:

Playing Virtual Family 3 is simple and easy. Its gameplay is quite replayable, and its controls are simple to utilize. The graphics in the game are also realistic and in-depth.

This is the ideal choice if you’re seeking for a game to play with your family. Kids will enjoy playing it since it teaches them valuable life lessons and information about various professions.


Choose one of the thousands of little inhabitants of your mobile device to adopt! Help them select a spouse in this life simulation game so they may begin their virtual family! Make children, then leave the house to them! Manage your own lovely family history while nurturing and guiding future generations.


Develop and upgrade your virtual home. Although they need your assistance to make improvements, your adoptee’s new house has a lot of potential. Create the house of your dreams in your mind. Include a game area, a home theater, a garden, or even a bedroom! Amplify and decorate each room by gathering accessories.


From birth till adulthood, teach your children to take care of their homes and make the right decisions. Encourage them to pursue a career so they can earn money for indulgences, necessities, and decor. Make your virtual family the best versions of themselves by upgrading them. You will receive messages from your tiny ones thanking, pleading with, and praising you for taking care of them. Don’t forget to visit them since they start to miss you and grow depressed.


When the app is turned off, your little family still functions as normal and continues to grow, eat, and live. There will be a variety of random events along the route that you must react to; they all bring surprise to this simulation game and unexpected components to regular, everyday virtual existence. Find a game with a lot of variety and randomness. Every game is unique, and every player’s experience with the plot is different. This simulation game is created to be autonomous!

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