With The Witcher 4’s new protagonist, these 5 questions will likely remain unanswered

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With The Witcher 4’s new protagonist, these 5 questions will likely remain unanswered.


All types of RPGs revolve around solving puzzles, and players don’t mind the occasional cliffhanger or unsolved factoid in their favorite game playthroughs. The Witcher, the crown jewel of CD Projekt Red, is no stranger to this dynamic; throughout the years, it has teased its player base with peculiar character designs and an intriguing plot peppered with unanswered questions. With news of The Witcher 4‘s anticipated 100-year time jump, it seems likely that several mysteries will remain unanswered from the most recent installment, Wild Hunt, which had numerous narrative discrepancies and left gamers expecting explanations in the following release.

The Witcher 3’s events cast doubt on Geralt of Rivia’s return in the forthcoming chapter, even though fans have become accustomed to the character’s flowing white hair similar to that of House of the Dragon’s Targaryens. The option system produced many outcomes dependent on player choices, the worst of which resulted in Ciri’s death while combating the White Frost and presumably Geralt’s, sparking debates about later editions. The prospect of not every character being in The Witcher 4 comes with the time jump, and certain incomplete plotlines will unavoidably disappear in the shift to the new age.

Some Events in The Witcher 3 Don’t Add Up

Some Events in The Witcher 3 Don't Add Up
Some Events in The Witcher 3 Don’t Add Up


Dandelion’s diaries in Novigrad are a perfect illustration of the phenomena. Games like The Witcher frequently experience a narrative problem caused by being entangled in too many sub-plots and weak character interactions owing to their immense scale. When Dandelion is about to be executed, Geralt embarks on a killing spree to free him. Therefore, it makes sense that the escapee would get away unseen. To put it mildly, fans have been baffled by Dandelion’s decision to relocate to Novigrad and even build a lounge there.

Another Wild Hunt mystery is centered in Novigrad, and Geralt is the focus of misunderstanding this time. Geralt strolls into the town unharmed despite his mutant condition, and there is no reason for his exemption. The city is bustling with Witch Hunters catching witches, alchemists, and non-humans for execution. The Blood and Wine expansion pack revealed to players that only a vampire can murder another vampire, which is another way that vampires play a role in the game’s secrets.

However, Geralt is an outlier; many have questioned how the Witcher pulled this off. Geralt’s membership with the covert Wild Hunt organization, which has minimal background despite playing a significant role in The Witcher 3, is another puzzler. Although there is no information concerning Geralt’s time with the Wild Hunt or how their agreement came to an end, it seems unlikely that the mystery will be solved given that the new protagonist in The Witcher 4 made a pact with the gang and joined its riders to save Yennefer.

Ciri’s destruction of the White Frost is the most crucial piece of lore missing from The Witcher 3. Ciri’s capacity to destroy it because of her elder blood was emphasized throughout The Witcher 3’s whole plot, and many strategies for doing so were given by supporting characters. The White Frost vanishes once Ciri enters the Tower of the Eagle, and there is no scenario demonstrating what she did to end it, so the destruction is anticlimactic. It wouldn’t be unfair to assume that CD Projekt Red would skim over The Witcher 3’s ending and leave an unanswered mystery as The Witcher 4’s events occur 100 years after Wild Hunt.

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